Gamma Rifts

The room of cages

The room of cages
Today in the Calendar of Gamma Terra is the day Dweller 7 Eating Monkey Slap-Slap

The characters wake up inside a metal room full of animal cages. They are prisoners inside a flying machine of the Coalition States. A strange man named Mr Fongo tells everyone to join forces to escape their captors. He tells them that a mutated dog in one of the cages works for the capturers and that they have a gun that can stun living beings, plants and even living metal. The dog, MAC, tells them that he won’t alert the captors as he is a slave that wants to escape. They jury rig a thief tool to be used by Mr Fongo to open his cage and other access panels that open the rest of the doors.

The group opens a locker and armed themselves with their equipment and aditional gear found in there. A Death Boy enters and the group has to fight it while Fongo hacks the door to escape. The Death Boy is killed by Amber and Fongo opens the hatch door to discover that they were in the belly of a Coalition Transport and need to scape flying. He leaves the group and escapes.

The group is able to go down holding onto Amber. Flying through the mist they land on skeletons of the ancients that are located in water. They move around only to be attacked by flying piraña fish. They move around until they reach the coast. They are now in the coast of Lake Mitchglown.

A Serfs’s camp is located there. Mr Fongo appears again and propose using a Gravity Grenade to keep them busy and steal their horses. " If we escape on foot they will find us. I can fly, not all of you can. Also.. we can have their loot. " The plan works but not before one of the Serfs is able to use his Death Field Generator power and wound some of the adventurers.

They arrive to Ascension City wounded but alive and with a few horses.

Coalition States’s Death Boy
Flying Piraña

Total Treasure: 500 donars
Treasure per Adventurer: 100 donars each
Group Treasure: Laser IR Pistol (page.94) with only 5 shots left.

Character XP Awards: 200xp

Divi Filius

Kartographers Part IV

Kartographers Part IV
Marioton ?
The Kartographers have their final battle royal against their nemesi the Ambrosians.

Prefacio: Los personajes comienzan viviendo pacíficamente en una villa de Grens en sus bosques. Llevan en este lugar como una semana después de la última batalla contra la Olympian Athena. Allí se enteran que su grupo es conocido como los “Kartografos” y que los Sleeths han regado la voz entre las naciones de sus aventuras.
Mientras tanto, el perro mutante, ha pasado por una fiebre que le ha hecho crecer unas antenitas detrás de las orejas. Ahora tiene un poder de “Detect” el cual está atado a su olfato. Puede oler con perception checks hasta el tipo de tecnología que tienen sus enemigos. Es un sentido muy delicado y cada olida le cuesta un hit point si pasa el check de perception (TN:15 o 20 + modificado por distancia) y 2 si falla el check. Esta mutación extraña es consecuencia de una inyección que le puso el Dr. Westin House en Chi-Town.
Estarán haciendo amistad con los Grens y decidiendo a donde moverse. Las dos próximas zonas son las de los Ape Lands y la de los United States of Lions. Se discutirá la diferencia entre la filosofía de ambas zonas.

Su próxima batalla es una gran batalla donde los restantes 11 Olympians los enfrentarán en persona. Los Olympians habrán creado unas armaduras tipo Battle Armor (o MECHA) modificadas para cada uno.

Kartographers Part III

Kartographers Part III
Marioton IV of 2009
The Kartographers continue their travels and confronting the Ambrosians.

Kartographers Part II

Kartographers Part II
Marioton III of 2009
The Kartographers continue their travels and confronting the Ambrosians.


Kartographers Part I

Kartographers Part I
Marioton II of 2009

The Kartographers start their quest.

The characters are assembled together by Mr. Shrodinger who has been studying them and wants to hire them for their abilities. He explains that the most important power of the new world is knowledge and each civilization wants to keep this knowledge for themselves. Each civilization or group has a map of his own zone and don’t want to share it. He, and his father before him, had traveled far and worked hard on a map of all The Zones of Meriga. He wants to finish this wonderful map. In the meting he explains a lot of information about the map and shows it to them. He tells them that a man in Walkee named Captain Sparrow Jack. can help them complete one part of the map and also that Sackerss want to buy it. Only Captain S. and himself know the people or places were the details missing on the map can be obtained.

They visit:

Ascension City
Lake Mitchgloon
Masked City
Wasteland Tribes

Adventurers Heroes of the Valley

Heroes of the Valley

The adventures of the Heroes of the Valley since they left the Valley of the Father until they fixed their habitat.

Adventures Rift Warriors

Rift Warriors

The Adventures of the Rift Warriors around The Zones of Meriga since their arrival to Meriga,

Adventures Ancient Companions

Adventures Ancient Companions

The adventures of the Ancients Companions around The Zones of Meriga.


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