Mikey the Red Ninja


Mikey the Red Ninja
Player: Fran Diaz
Character: Enforcer
Quote: “I love pizza.” “Kawoabonga!”
Description: A mutated turtle that knows how to fight hand to hand.
Mikey the Red Ninja, was trained to be a hand-to-hand fighter and he proved himself many times in combat, against robots, mutants and demons. He travelled with others around the Zones of Meriga and returned to create a ninja guild in his hometown of Lemay. He had become one of the K@rt0gr@fers. He now lives in the town of Lemay were he has trained crew of ninjas of different mutated animal races.

Mikey the Red Ninja was trained by an old and wise mutated rat. He carries magical nunchaku to battle, nunchucks that can electrify enemies, and he knows how to use them very well. Mikey is probably the fastest turtle you will ever encounter, but he worked for it by dedicating fully to martial arts. He believes that anyone that puts enough dedication into it can become a ninja. Mikey is training mutated animals like himself because knows that they can use their superior phisical abilities to become an elite group of ninjas, a group that excels in many different situations.

“I became a ninja when I was a teenager, so my priorities were martial arts and pizza. I am no longer a teenager,Takes a bite off a pepperoni pizza but my priorities haven’t changed a bit”


Mikey the Red Ninja

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