6-String Samurai


6-String Samurai
Player: Héctor Martínez
Character: Esper
Quote: “Honor dictates that we let our blades dance at the rhythm of a thousand Ringos.”
Description: This altered human has red eyes and works as a bard in different towns in and around Ascension. His background is unknown. He calls everyone “Buddy”.

Most of the country is an inhospitable desert. The government has entirely collapsed, except for the few cities that still carry on tradition. Man and mutants are learning to coexist along with some other things appearing in the landscape. Hero’s and villain’s fight every day to keep on living, making names for themselves creating legends and incredible stories.

Charles Hardin Holley was born in this place; he does not remember his family or does not know exactly where he came from. He was raise by a hermit musician who thought him how to play the guitar. Holley was always called “Buddy” by his teacher and he then in turn called everybody he knew Buddy. Buddy walks the desert in search of adventure and danger; always trying to make people happy with his music.


6-String Samurai

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