Glossary of Terms


Altered Human (n.) – A human that was born with mutantions. Also known as Mutant Mutated Human, Altered Ones, The Unclean, The Changed, The Tainted, The New Ones, The Scared, The New Man.

Apocalypse, After the (period) – Period of time after the last war where there could be no life on the surface and survivors where in hiding. Also known as The Time of Troubles, The Days of Chaos, The Long Night.

Apocalypse, The (event) – The period of the Great War(s) or any event that caused the destruction of the old civilization. Also known as The Rad, The Death, The Niuk (Nuke), The Great War, The Great Blow-Up, The Invisible Death, Doomsday, The Fall, The Great Scorch.

Arcane (n.) – A generic name for all the practitioners of arcane practices like wizard, mage, druid, rifter, cleric, priest, psionicist, spiritist, etc.

Beamer (n.) – Energy weapon. To beam (v.) means “to fire an energy weapon”.

Cannibals – Survivors who had reverted to animals and eat other survivors. Also known as Terminals, Rippers, Razors.

Civilization, Great – The long death people that lived before the Apocalypse. Also known as The Ancients, The Old Ones, The Ancestors, The Builders, The Engineers, The Wise Ones.

Cyborgs (n) – Living beings with nervous system augmentation and assorted implants in their bodies.

Enforcer (n.) – These powerful combatants have a good knowledge of the battlefield.Also known as knights, warriors, fighters and many other names.

Artifacts of the Ancients – Weapons or equipment left by the Ancients that can still be repaired and used.

Esper (n.) – People try not to think to loud in the presence of this character that study and develop his mental mutations to the maximum. He’s called by different names: Psi-Blade, Telephat, Psionicist, and Mentalist are some of them.

Examiner (n.) – An examiner could be a technician, or a sage, could live surrounded by old books and artifacts or risking his live in the ruins of the ancients. A examiner that is a member of the Elite Order of the Mechanics is given the name of Master Mechanic.

Ghost Mutants (n) – Aberrant humans with no visible mutations.
Inter Dimensional Beings – Creatures that came thru the Rifts. Also called D-Bees.

Mutated Animal (n.) – An intelligent animal that walks in two legs and (normally) has opposable thumbs in his hands.

Mutated Plant (n.) – Plants with human-like intelligence and sometimes mobility. Also known as The Green.

Nuke (v.) – To nuke means “to kill”.

Pure Strain Human (n.) – Pure Stock Humans, True Human, unmutated humans, human without mutations.

Radiation – The poison left by the ancient war bombs. Also known as The Black Death, The “Niuk”, The Rad, The Glow.

Rift (n.) – A supernatural energy anomaly that occurs in many parts of the world and is theorized that was caused by the devastations of the great war. A rift manifest like an aurora borealis effect in different parts of the world. Some of them are so clear that can’t be seen by the naked eye or can only be seen at night. Some people believe that these rifts are doorways to other realities. Some monsters have come out of the rifts, like the spluggort and the xixiclith. The Magical Lands are populated with immigrants from another world that came thru a rift.

Ruins, The – The construction left by the ancients, like buildings and cities. Also known as Skeletons of the Ancients, Great Towers, Glowing Towers.

Scout (n.) – The ranger, the tracker, the hunter, many names for the same man. A lone wolf more in his place in the dangerous wilderness than in the cities.

Synthetic (n.) – Is a sentient robot. Also known as: Artificial Intelligence(A.I.), Automaton, Metalman, Living Flesh, Artificial, Bot.

Warlord (n.) – A warlord is any kind of military leader with enough troops, weapons or military machines to control a domain and/or make war on his neighbors.

Wizard (n.) – AKA Warlock or Witch – The terms wizard is used in Gamma World to represents a person with occult power. It could be a person with enormous arcane power or an advanced artifact of the ancients. For the normal everyday citizen of Gamma World there is no difference between high level technology (level VI or more) or magic.

Glossary of Terms

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