The Winter of Civilization

…Don’t know exactly how or when it happened. Must’ve been before great-granddad’s day. They say it was sumthin’ called “Commies” or “Ter’rists”. Whatever they were, they had to be pretty powerful to destroy the Ancients. You remember those giant metal skeletons in the ruins? The Ancients lived in those, high above the ground. They could build machines to fly through the air, swim under the sea, or even think like a human. They could change a person’s DNA, or speak on one side of the Earth and be heard on the other. They also had terrible weapons that destroyed whole cities and created the wastelands. When the radiation came, and the sickness, nearly everythin’ died. Even the sun was blacked out for an entire generation. Afterwards, it was anarchy and civil war. Desperate, dying people ravaged the land to steal what they could from others, or scrounge what little remained from their once-great civilization. But The Cataclysm also changed people in their DNA – turned them and their children into muties. Even those plants and animals that survived mutated into what you see today. Those who survived The Cataclysm had to survive The Shadow Years

It wasn’t until long after the devastation that folks started trying to rebuild a new civilization. That’s our dream: to remake the glory of the Ancients, without making their mistakes…

From the ashes, a new beginning…

The world of the Aftermath is set several generations after a great catastrophe; probably nuclear war, but possibly an asteroid strike, worldwide computer crash, runaway global warming, or something else instead. It is a world seen in movies like The Road Warrior, Mad Max, Tank Girl, The Postman, Waterworld, and Planet of the Apes; in books like Canticle for Liebowitz, Damnation Alley, and the Horseclans series; and in computer games like Fallout, or the Gamma World RPG.

Gamma World Inspirations
Setting Description


You live in the world called Gamma Terra on the continent of Meriga on what is known as The Zones of Meriga.

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