Blue-Yaris Cadillac-Chevrolet

City Guard


Blue-Yaris Cadillac-Chevrolet
Player: Valeria S.
Genotype: Altered Altered Human
Character Class: Arcane2
Zone: Ascension City
Technology Level: III
Quote: " "

Mutations: Body Change (Skin Color Blue), Heightened Presicion, Chamaleon Power (8), Skeleton Enhancement, Heightened Balance

Talents: Dodge Talent, Mana Talent

Cyberware: None

Thaumaturgy: TP: 5 Force (x2)


Blue-Yaris Cadillac-Chevrolet is the daughgter of Blue-Ford Cadillac-Chevrolet. She started learning the science of Thaumaturgy before joining the Ascension Guard and her companions treat her as less for not been and enforcer.

Blue Yaris has been adve turing with The Convergence for a while and they sure look like a bunch of weirdos….

Blue-Yaris Cadillac-Chevrolet

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